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Reminiscing the Art of Haiku

Written on February 23, 2013   By   in Uncategorized

What is haiku? Have you heard about it before? It is one of the topics that is discussed in school. It is part of literature under the branch of poetry. It is a simple poetry yet touching and not easy to create one. Haiku is an art form of Japanese that originates from Buddhism, Shintoism and Taoism. Its history started in Japan during the seventeenth century. Its uniqueness is due to the length of words that should only contain seventeen syllables.

It is also divided in three lines having five words the first line, then second line should be seven and last line should be five words only. It has powerful effect even though its length and words are not that long. This characteristic have become its main features to attract many writers and enthusiast to try and make one and loving it on the way. Even in school that you have to make one as an assignment or activity. You can see many students are just wandering what to do.

Even though haiku have existed for a long time there are not many who have the talent to make it perfectly. Haiku can talk about anything and it has many categories or songs she may choose. Topics of each haiku poem has no restrictions on it. You can express anything that you want that even about 免洗劑洗衣 can become a topic or subject.