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The Well Known Short Stories for Children

Written on March 21, 2014   By   in Uncategorized

Stories are very great for children. It helps them grow and develop while their bodies are growing. Their brain will be developed well and can process information well. So it is very important that they be guided correctly and taught correctly. Short stories was written and it is best for children but it can also help adults to be able to relax and not much worry. There are very many short stories that are already written and we cannot enumerate all of them.

We cannot even comment and summarize them as they have a very long list. We just get some of the top or well-known short stories for children. They are the ones entitled The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen, To Build a Fire by Jack London, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce, A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane, The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs, The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe. Have a nice dental service from this clinic. Try here to click to read more 牙醫 久燦. This is a good clinic.

Also Eve’s Diary by Mark Twain, The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, The Luck of Roaring Camp by Bret Harte, Regret by Kate Chopin, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County by Mark Twain, The Skylight Room by O. Henry, A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. You might forget all your worries when you read even one of these short stories.