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Why Reading is a Way of Learning

Written on April 26, 2015   By   in Uncategorized

Learning something has its own techniques and sometimes it depends also on the person. How he can cope, how he can start and maintain the pace of his learning or how he can process what he learns. The basic of learning starts at childhood and most of the time our first teacher is our parents. They are the ones who taught us to write basic letters and shapes and to read letters then words. It is not surprising that many children have adapted their parent’s penmanship and way of studying.

When we grow up we need to develop our own style of learning as it becomes more complex. We need to understand on our own and process on our own. We cannot afford a guide that will always coach us. It is known and recommended that when you want to learn something then you have to read. Reading is the beginning of everything. Reading makes you understand things you did not know before. When you read your brain stores information and facts that you will need.


Those are the information that will be processed and will form part of knowledge. Example if you want to learn autocad you will buy books or magazines or anything that will teach you the process. You have to read and practice it so that you can learn how. Now it is easier with many YouTube tutorials you can watch when you cannot understand the books.