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The Reason Why Reading Can Reduce Stress

Written on October 23, 2015   By   in Uncategorized

Stress is sometimes difficult to manage. It causes problems to people that it can even lead to sickness. Stress has a strong power of negativity that can really slow a person’s performance, lower confidence and make a person unreasonable. It is because stress is not dealt with properly. There are many studies regarding stress and how to cope with it. Many suggestions have come up but there is a best way to get rid of it. It is none other than reading.

It is proven through research and study that even six minutes of reading can give a high level of reducing the stress up to 68%. How fascinating is that. Reading as a means of reducing stress was even compared to other ways like going for a walk, listening to music or sipping a cup of tea and the winner is reading. It has the highest effect of percentage of reducing stress. How easy it is to cope up with stress just visit this beauty company More hints A fictional novel is recommended for you as you come to identify yourself with the character.

The study conducted found out that when you will continue to read you can sympathize with the characters and it cause you to have empathy. Empathy is the intellectual capacity to feel and see the emotions and so you can respond to others emotions. It was found out that people who are emphatic like to socialize more than others. This beauty company will gonna help you have a self confidence in life, 肉毒桿菌價格. It is good because it is connected with productivity, higher performance and being creative in the workplace making you a good person to others like that gives good environment.