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How to write a poem

The great thing about writing a poem is you can write it what ever you want . When people say what is poem about it actually about the moods and the emotions and feelings.It is the feeling of joyful or sad these are good point to write a poem you might just want to describe anything. Look around your house don’t care of writing it just have fun and play on words just getting words on the page . It is recommended to write by hands. I think by writing by your hand you get a connection between you and the page. And that is important somehow to get the feeling get across and the other beauty of writing by hand you can easily change the word and moved the sentences around and when you want to go back to the original it is still stored around.

To get things started write down some list of words at least a feeling happiness, jealously, anger or joy. Write down at least 10 words of it then write down ordinary objects like vase, basketball, microphone, or even a sausage and then shuffle all the words and add 1 object and 1 emotion and you’ll probably end up with a little strange sentence like a jealous basketball etc. These are great things to get you started with writing a poem. Just play on the words and see what’s come up. A poem doesn’t need to rhyme and it does not need to fit a particularly form as it is called a free verse. But it is important to listen to the sound of the words. Poetry is all about sounds so its important to read your poem allowed to hear when the words sound right and that’s the best way to finish out a poem.