The loft of books


Here are some of the best pages to visit for free reading and learning for the purpose of developing your minds. Kindly visit these pages and go and make your knowledge broad!  This page will help you Improve your reading with this list ofReading sites from Professor Rong-Chang Li.

Word Surfingfor vocabulary purposes and improvement go to this site.

Innocent English helps you your brain get it going to some humors but will teach you a lot in English.

English Clubto those who want to read and write in English. VISIT this site.

BBC World Servicethis is web that provides the best way to learn English in the whole world.

com This site, helps in the aspect of growing especially is intra and interpersonal growth.

bepeople who are aspiring to learn and read English. This is one of the best sites.

Non-Stop EnglishMany websites for reading purposes.  possibly the best free books in the website

com/ books you can buy at low cost

ITESLthis is a good page for aspiring English teachers