The loft of books

Expression through writing

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. Probably check your messages and e-mails linked to your daily life or livelihood. Then imagine if you don’t know how to read ? then that would be a very hard thing and you’ll have a difficult time doing your thing. Reading and understanding is very essential as this is the best medium for our communication. Then what are the benefits of reading.

Reading is important because words spoken or written are the basic foundation of life. As reading develops our mind. Our brain is a muscle and like our body it needs exercise and understanding written words is one way your mind grows. The more knowledge you learn, the more your dendrites in your brain grow and make connections.

So how can we grow some dendrites in our brain.  As reading helps us discover new things. Reading books,magazines, eBooks in the internet, YouTube and social media are good tools in which will require us to comprehend and read what we are learning.

As a good reader possess the ability to understand  and seek the information on any given topic.

Reading as well develops your imagination. When reading fiction books, being able to develop  and create our own MIND movies and allow us control the character that we wanted in chosen setting and even you can be the main character of what you are reading. This is the power of reading.

So it’s time to read out and develop your mind through it!